Nissan Fleet Team

At Nissan we understand that a highly trained team is the key to business success.

As the fleet industry evolves specific customer needs become apparent, which is why the Nissan Fleet team evolves alongside you and adapts to your business. Providing extensive knowledge with the best possible service and solutions.

Please find below a list of the contact details for our team.
Alternatively contact our Fleet Centre using the below details:

Tel:       01245 454 360
Email:   nissan.fleet@nissan.co.uk


Contract hire and leasing

- National Fleet Operations Manager
Barry Beeston
  Tel        07768 802076
  Email     barry.beeston@nissan.co.uk

- Reginal C/H & Leasing Manager
  (South & S E England)

  Paul Burton

  Tel        07768 802041
  Email     paul.burton@nissan.co.uk

- Reginal C/H & Leasing Manager
  (Scotland, N Ireland & N England)
  Kevin Brown

  Tel        07768 802101
  Email     kevin.brown@nissan.co.uk

- Regional C/H & Leasing Manager
  (Midlands, Wales & S W England)
  Neil Brereton

  Tel        07966 878668
  Email     neil.brereton@nissan.co.uk


- Major Account Manager
  (including Blue Light and Motability)

  Jim Wood

  Tel        07812 967655
  Email     james.wood@nissan.co.uk


- Fleet Aftersales Manager
  Steve Aurelius
  Tel       07768 802028
  Email   steve.aurelius@nissan.co.uk

National Accounts 1000+ Units

- National Account Sales Manager
  Paul Westwood

  Tel        07768 802135
  Email     paul.westwood@nissan.co.uk

- Major Accounts Manager (South)
  Justin du Plessis

  Tel        07970 566827
  Email     justin.duplessis@nissan.co.uk

- Major Accounts Manager (North)
  Ian Lamb

  Tel        07977 289350
  Email     ian.lamb@nissan.co.uk


National Fleet Sales

(South West & South Wales) (West Midlands)

- Fleet Sales Operations Manager
Gareth Thomas
  Tel        07966 878667
  Email     gareth.thomas@nissan.co.uk

- Area Fleet Manager
  (E Anglia & E Midlands)

  Mark Jacobs

  Tel        07812 967679
  Email     mark.jacobs@nissan.co.uk

- Fleet Sales Manager
  South West & South Wales

  Nissan Fleet Communication Centre

  Tel        01245 454360
  Email     nissan.fleet@nissan.co.uk

- Area Fleet Manager
  West Midlands

  Kevin Williams

  Tel        07812 967608
  Email     kevin.williams@nissan.co.uk

- Area Fleet Manager
  (London & South)

  Chris Cree

  Tel        07768 802055
  Email     chris.cree@nissan.co.uk

- Fleet Sales Manager
  South England & Home Counties

  Nissan Fleet Communication Centre

  Tel        01245 454360
  Email     nissan.fleet@nissan.co.uk

- Area Fleet Manager
  (Northern England and North Wales)

  David Ward

  Tel        07977 289347
  Email     david.ward@nissan.co.uk

- Area Fleet Manager
(Scotland & N Ireland)
  Peter Williams

  Tel        07970 566828
  Email     peter.williams@nissan.co.uk


    Tel:       01245 454 360
    Email:   nissan.fleet@nissan.co.uk